Yesterday they arrived at our work... a set of three Pete-suites. Together with two colleges I volunteered to play Zwarte Piet at the Sinterklaasfeest at my work. At first I put some creme on my face so that the black creme would be easily removed afterward. But that was not such a good idea, as the black creme was of poor quality and didn't attach itself to the face very well. Anyway, after about 1,5 hour it was finally applied and we were transformed to servants of the holy man. I would play Precise Pete and hand the gifts to the Sint. Only there wasn't a Sint to see. He would arrive all ready, but because he had another 'gig' he would be some time later. Fortunately he was still on time and didn't skip our company for a visit.

When we entered there was (of course) singing and after we shook the little children hands it was time for them to sit at Sinterklaas one at a time for a little talk about if they've been a good boy or girl this year. They didn't received a present right away to keep the attention focused. After the last child had visited Sinterklaas it was time for presents. Counting down from 3-2-1 the were removed from the packaging. After the initial frenzy was over it was time for the last poem and present. Our CEO was in big trouble. After that the party was really over and the Sint could return home by boat. And we could clean of our faces.