DNSSEC verified ( term DNSSEC stands for Domain Name System Security Extensions and takes care of verifying domain names. In short it checks that you are connected the the website that is mentioned in your address bar. DNS is the last system on the internet which is not secured. DNSSEC is a extension on the current DNS system to make it more secure. Malicious people could use DNS spoofing to redirect you to a different website than the original. This often is a fake website which looks like the original. When you enter your credit card number on that site the malicious people have your credit card number which they can use to purchase things. DNSSEC makes it very hard to manipulate the data.


English Cyclists Rights

At the end of last year we (Walter Hoogerbeets and myself) launched a website to promote the Cyclists Rights. Until today there was only a Dutch version. That's why a number of people worked very hard to translate those rights into English. It turned out not to be such a easy task because the terminology for a cycle path, cycle lane et cetera is different for a foreigner compared to a Dutchmen. But we did it and today it's ready for launch, the English version is online and it's called Universal Declaration of the Cyclists Rights. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Cyclists Rights (screenshot)



You've heard of them. URL shorteners like,, and so on. Starting last night there is a new one with the appropriate name: This stands for 'XL-Network me', or 'make me XL-Network'. This service isn't publicly availably because I use it for my own sites. If you read my blog posts using Twitter or Facebook you will now see the links like[code].



Since my website has a .nl-domain and I'm only showing English content on my website my Dutch visitors often read the English version of a blogpost. That isn't such a problem, but often they respond using Dutch, which is a problem for English reading visitors. If you click the button 'Nederlands' in the right navigation you get the same page, but then via and in Dutch. Handy to know right?


Who are my visitors?

Because I'm always curious about who my visitors are I keep statistics about certain things with Google Analytics. Here you can see how many visitors come by every hour/day/week/month, where they come from, which pages are popular and more.


Now with .nl

After being owner of for a bit more then 10 years I can, as of today, call myself owner of It all started with the fact that TransIP (where all my domains are hosted) had hidden a Easter Egg during Easter which entitled me to a free .nl domain. After checking it turned out that was still available. So I claimed it.


New site for FrozenImage

Lately I've been busy creating new websites. A while ago I renewed the Ulteam website. And last Wednesday I put the my brother's new photo website, called FrozenImage, online. The problem with the current website was that the webhoster was getting rid of PHP 5.2 support and the site could not function with PHP 5.3 without a major upgrade. That's why I built a completely new website.


New site for Ulteam

A number of weeks ago the old website of our theatersports club Ulteam went down because of the amount of spam and other junk that hit the site. I've been asked to arrange stuff (like the website, the wiki, the domain and hosting). That's when I decided to create a new website and wiki. The website doesn't run on a very old version of Joomla, but is running on the newest version of Drupal.


Cyclists Rights

The Cyclists Rights began with a single post on Twitter. Response grew quickly and within a few hours there was a list with eleven rights. These were published the same night at the on the website FietsersAfstappen as the Universal Declaration of Cyclists Rights version 1.0.


My own VPS

My website has been running on my own VPS as a test and without any major problems. That's why I moved my website from my current provider (Antagonist, which I'm quite happy with) to a VPS from DirectVPS. The whole migration took less than an hour. As I said before... no major problems.

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