My website has been running on my own VPS as a test and without any major problems. That's why I moved my website from my current provider (Antagonist, which I'm quite happy with) to a VPS from DirectVPS. The whole migration took less than an hour. As I said before... no major problems.

What is a VPS and what can you do with it?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and is actually a virtual server inside a physical server. That way I can control a fully functional system without having to buy expensive hardware. The hosting is a bit more expensive that a simple hosting account, but you get a lot more in return. For instance, 1 GB of memory, 100 GB of disk space and 1 TB of traffic. It's also very easy to host multiple websites on one account. That way I can run all my websites (I have a few) on the same server, which saves cost. A VPS is also faster then most shared servers because they have hundreds of other sites running on the same server. When you have your own (virtual) server you get a guaranteed amount of capacity.

What's next?

First I want to migrate some other websites (about 2 - 4) and then I have to move the domain names (they are currently hosted at Antagonist). After that, the possibilities are endless. I control the server so I can do whatever I want, like running my own nameserver for instance. Anyone got any good ideas?