Sailing on the Zuidlaardermeer

Last Saturday we went to the Zuidlaardermeer (the lake of Zuidlaren) with our improv theater club Ulteam. For me it was the first time on such a small boat. The weather was perfect with a few clouds and a decent wind.

Sailing on the Zuidlaardermeer 2013 (Ulteam)


Na zdrowie

Last Pentecost it was already the tenth time the hitchhiking contest of improvisation club Ulteam was held. The previous editions took us to Berlin, Bruges, Trier, Lille, Århus, Brussels, Cologne, Gent and Heidelberg. Where we end up this year was to be revealed Thursday night at midnight during the traditional hitchhike drink in the local cafe. The organizer of the weekend, Liesje Lift, couldn't make it. But Marco and Anneke, her helpers, were present. After a exciting quiz this year's destination was guessed correctly. We were going to Poznań (Poland)!

Liesje Lift 2013 (map Groningen-Poznan)


Feestboek was a success!

I never thought it would be this much work to organize a party. Get some games, order foot, rent the club, laptop, projector, profile stickers, drink vouchers, decorations, balloons, prizes for the games, music, Like stickers, to much to mention. And of course, promotion for the party. And of course not everything goes as plans. I received the stickers to print the profile stickers on and bought the paper for the vouchers and the home made memory game. Turns out my printer ink was empty. I quickly ordered a new cartridge and printed and cut everything the day before.


Building a Stegomech

Because I built a new website for our theater sports club I received a gift a couple of weeks ago. It was a wooden kit for a Stegosaurus. Today I finally got around to putting it together. All those tiny parts! Quite soothing to do so actually. The end result is, after some three hours of work, quite good. Below are some pictures and a video, because yeah... it can move!


The Ulteamate Experiment

After weeks of preparation it was finally time for The Apple Weekend. Together with three more theatresports friends I organized it. Last weekend some 20 to 25 of us went to the Rest and Relax Lodge in Klijndijk to get together for a awesome weekend. The theme was: The Ulteamate Experiment. We subjected everyone to questions, assignments and other experiments. It all started with a four page questionnaire. And after everyone picked their room it was time for diner. That also was an experiment because in two of the three pans the food was colored.


New site for Ulteam

A number of weeks ago the old website of our theatersports club Ulteam went down because of the amount of spam and other junk that hit the site. I've been asked to arrange stuff (like the website, the wiki, the domain and hosting). That's when I decided to create a new website and wiki. The website doesn't run on a very old version of Joomla, but is running on the newest version of Drupal.


Performing in Leeuwarden

Last night a group of six people (four players and two supporters) went to Leeuwarden to play against, I mean with, De Noordsterren. A wonderful evening of improvisation, working together and above all... fun! I could write down a long story about how nice, good and funny it all was, but I'm not going to do that. First of all, it's not writing down material. And second of all, I invite you to come and watch. That's way much more fun!


Back in the boat

Saturday started as usual with a ride to the rowing club. Just two more weeks and we're rowing 8 kilometers on the Amstel river in Amsterdam. I wonder how it'll go. After the rowing I quickly went on my way to the Ligfietsgarage Groningen for the test-drive-day. I felt like taking a look there. Afterwards I rushed home for a quick shower and some diner.



Last Sunday the world famous astronomer Co Met was visiting OOG TV for a meeting. He'd made a very impotent discovery and was invited to join a trip to the moon. Luckily the students of the IMC Weekendschool were visiting that day and they'd make a TV news program with Co as the main subject. The presentation, a report about Co and a interview with his driver (Simon) were scheduled for that day.

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