Last Sunday the world famous astronomer Co Met was visiting OOG TV for a meeting. He'd made a very impotent discovery and was invited to join a trip to the moon. Luckily the students of the IMC Weekendschool were visiting that day and they'd make a TV news program with Co as the main subject. The presentation, a report about Co and a interview with his driver (Simon) were scheduled for that day.

As you might have guessed, this isn't real and I was invited to play the role of Co. To get more into my role I put on a borrowed white doctors coat and I brought my laptop to look more scientific. The kids were told that a famous person would be coming. As I entered most of them were quiet and full of admiration. The kids asked if Co might cooperate on the report. Of course we wanted to, he likes the media very much. After a brief instruction of the camera it was handed to the kids and I had to walk in and out of the building, take the stairs and hand out autographs, some three times. Then up a few stairs, sit on a table and answer some questions. A few nice one I could remember are. Don't you find in scary to go to the moon? What is the prettiest thing you have ever seen in the sky? And the last one. What kind of rocket are you going with? Seeing as I wasn't planning on actually going to the moon I had to improvise, which went well. Most answers weren't scientifically correct, but that doesn't make it less fun.

After all the footage was shot they were quickly edited, burned on a DVD and shown to all the students. I had been briefed that my driver might have told a little bit to much about me. He spilled that I was afraid of heights. Luckily that didn't compromise my participation on the mission.

It was a very fun afternoon and at the end of it we all got a little present as a thank you. I received a bit magnetic sticker with individual words on them you could rearrange and make sentences with. As of now they are all placed on my fridge door. We also would receive a copy of the DVD but that might take a while. In the meantime I do have some pictures.