Beetle Rally

Last Saturday we went to House Singraven in Denekamp for a Beetle Rally. My middle brother is getting married this Friday and since he 's crazy about VW Beetles we thought this would be a nice idea for a bachelor party. A fun, but also long day that we ended together with the ladies (who where having their own scholar party with the bride to be) at a BBQ at our parents house.


Feestboek was a success!

I never thought it would be this much work to organize a party. Get some games, order foot, rent the club, laptop, projector, profile stickers, drink vouchers, decorations, balloons, prizes for the games, music, Like stickers, to much to mention. And of course, promotion for the party. And of course not everything goes as plans. I received the stickers to print the profile stickers on and bought the paper for the vouchers and the home made memory game. Turns out my printer ink was empty. I quickly ordered a new cartridge and printed and cut everything the day before.


Dutch Capitals Tour 2012

Dutch Capitals Tour 2012Thursday a week ago I headed for Zwolle after I finished working. I went there to help Paulus wit the DCT 2012 (Dutch Capitals Tour 2012). As I mentioned before I thought it would be fun to do longer rides. This non-stop 1425 kilometer ride didn't apply for now, but it gave me the opportunity to experience it up close. Help was wanted at the check point in Zwolle.


What is Feestboek?


Feestboek (litteral translation: party book) is the name of a big party I play to organize on September 15th in honor of my 35th birthday. Last year I was busy cycling 5000 kilometers in America so I wasn't able to celebrate my birthday with the people in The Netherlands. I have some things to make up. The party should be twice as big! The idea is that you bring someone I don't know. That way you double the party spirit and you meet new people at the same time. And because Facebook, where this theme finds its inspiration, is all about friends, contacts and activities I had the idea to make a real-life version of Facebook. Feestboek it is!


The Ulteamate Experiment

After weeks of preparation it was finally time for The Apple Weekend. Together with three more theatresports friends I organized it. Last weekend some 20 to 25 of us went to the Rest and Relax Lodge in Klijndijk to get together for a awesome weekend. The theme was: The Ulteamate Experiment. We subjected everyone to questions, assignments and other experiments. It all started with a four page questionnaire. And after everyone picked their room it was time for diner. That also was an experiment because in two of the three pans the food was colored.


Patch work

A week later then planned, but here is my story about New Year's Eve and what happened next. It was a busy weekend with a afternoon of rowing on Saturday. First I rowed from 11 AM to 1 PM and after that I coached a ladies team from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. Everything went well and the weather played nicely. Afterwards we drank a cup of tea in the club house and then I climbed into my bike to go to my youngest brother and his wife in Stadskanaal. I've cycled the route before so I could almost do it blindfolded. And that's a good thing as it gets dark very early in the day.


The Rudder King 2011

A bit over a month ago the lustrum committee of our rowing club got the idea to praise the steer. He (or she) has to sit still for two hours. Rain, hail, wind and all other kinds of discomfort is part of their job. En for what? To lead the rowers in a straight line and to coach them. That's why the people of the lustrum committee thought it would be a good idea to create a award called The Rudder King.


Our ROAM bikes are back

Last Saturday our ROAM bikes came into Bremerhaven by boat and today we could finally pick them up again after four weeks (for me actually two weeks, because of my vacation in America). After unpacking, which went pretty fast, it was time for the BBQ, some chatting and thinking about our next tour.


125th anniversary KGR De Hunze

Our rowingclub is celebrating it's 25e lustrum, we were founded 125 years ago on February 19th 1886. Today we have about 400 members, which is also a reason to party.


Playing dress-up

Yesterday they arrived at our work... a set of three Pete-suites. Together with two colleges I volunteered to play Zwarte Piet at the Sinterklaasfeest at my work. At first I put some creme on my face so that the black creme would be easily removed afterward. But that was not such a good idea, as the black creme was of poor quality and didn't attach itself to the face very well.

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