Last night I received a email from a Italian (Fabio Bianchini) with the following text: "Ho una bellisima tua foto che ti ho scattato durante una mia vacanza in Olanda. Vorrei inviartela se hai un indirizzo di posta elettronica in cui allegarla come foto.jpg". As I don't speak Italian I used Google Translate to translate the text: "I have a beautifull and your photos I took during my vacation in Holland. If you would like to send an e-mail when attaching a foto.jpg", which I was able to decipher. He'd seen me during my bike ride around The Netherlands and took a picture of me and my bike which he wanted to email to me. Today the picture showed up in my mailbox and I think it turned out pretty good... do you think so to? By the way, does anyone recognize toe location, who wants to take a guess to win a prize?

Ronde van Nederland - Olanda 2010 (Fabio Bianchini)