Last Saturday we went to the Zuidlaardermeer (the lake of Zuidlaren) with our improv theater club Ulteam. For me it was the first time on such a small boat. The weather was perfect with a few clouds and a decent wind.

Sailing on the Zuidlaardermeer 2013 (Ulteam)

Everybody would gather at Groningen Central Station. For me it was only one hour by bike to the Zuidlaardermeer, so I decided to go by bike. In Haren I picked up a fellow improv guy and together we (slowly) made our way on. One by one the rest of the group gathered and after handing out life jackets and giving some instructions we took off towards the lake on four boats with each a captain. Our captain Herman was the best of the four boats because we went the most sideways and the water almost entered the boat. Wink

After some 20 kilometers of sailing the lake we went to shore at Klein Scheveningenvaart, we ate and drank something and threw a frisbee. Then we all went back on board and sailed on. Except for Willem. When pushing the boat of he couldn't get on board fast enough (without jumping though all sorts of hoops). So we did turned around and did some extra maneuvers so he could get back on board. And when all was well we headed out back on the lake.

I felt like steering the boat. In the middle of the lake that wasn't a problem. I had to adjust a bit, but it went pretty well. We even tacked some five or six times. Super fun!

After the sailing we had a few drinks at restaurant De Bloemert next to the sailing school and went to the Four Roses in Groningen to get some food. Afterwards I went home. Took a shower and a good night sleep after a long intensive day.