Early this year I mentioned that the Euro Tour 2013 was canceled and that I was looking for an alternative. This eventually turned into my joining a stripped down version of the original Euro Tour 2013, Plan B. In stead of 100+ riders there are now (only) 32. But I'm not going to join them for the entire trip because the first week I will be in Wuppertal (Germany) for my (other) holiday. After that I'm cycling to Igel (close to the Luxembourg border) in two days and I will be joining the group for the last five days back to Leer (Germany).

Euro Tour 2013 (route Plan B)

That's the plan for 2013, but for 2014 there are other plans. The Euro Tour 2013 brought forth a new plan to cycle from Amsterdam to Barcelona. "2000 kilometers, 100 velomobiles and 12 days of fun, adventure and challenge" is what the website of the Velomobile City Challenge states. I like it. But what happens when I get to Barcelona? Well, cycle back of course! There is an opportunity to get transportation back to Amsterdam, but yeah... where's the fun in that. No, I think I'll just cycle back, which is much more fun.

Velomobile City Challenge (voorgestelde route)