Updates, updates, updates...

The last post on my website was more then two months ago, but I have some good news. I'm still alive! I just had little to say. So here is a short update about some stuff.


Automatically download music with Headphones

Every now and then I take a look at Google Analytics to see what's happening on my site. Yesterday evening I did the same and I was in for a big surprise. There was a enormous spike in the number of visits. Normally I have around 40 to 120 visits per day (depending if I added something new). Yesterday I had 1,166 visits, 10 to 30 times more then normal. After a little detective work it turns out that the blog 90 Percent of Everything created a blog post which links to my article about the Home server / media center. I read their post with great interest and saw they found another extension, Headphones. I immediately installed it and tried it out. Here is a short introduction. - Visits Peak (2012-08-28)


New website

After some five years it became time to replace / move the website of my Bible study group. This had to do with the fact that we 'only' got 3 GB of storage space at our old provider, Antagonist. Because we create a 40 MB audio recording every two weeks we reached a point where the supplied space doesn't allow any more recordings. Otherwise I like the old provider (my middle brother also hosts his website there).


Home server / media center

The plan was to create a home server that also acts as a media center. On the attic I had a old PC laying around which I first used to install Ubuntu Server to experiment with. I quickly threw away this idea because the computer was pulling about 180 watt in the idle mode. It would cost me around € 350 for power each year. For that kind money I could (almost) buy a new, more power efficient, computer. And that's exactly what I did.

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