A trip down memory lane (part 2)

Some 3,5 years ago I wrote a message (Dutch) on my blog containing a number of photo's and a 'game' which my co-workers made in my honor. There was one more, but we couldn't find the digital version. Until a collegue found a image titled 'schiermonnikoog.jpg' whilst browsing some old folders on his computer. The story behind the image is for you and your imagionation to decide...

Joint Willy


Shopping with 7 ladies

Lots of weeks ago I made a 'deal' with the ladies from the rowing team Dolies. In exchange for my steering capabilities a few of them would join me to do some shopping (men don't like to, women do). Last Saturday it was time. But I didn't think there would be seven of them coming along. Two or three was doable, but seven...!


Kamikaze seagull

On my daily journey to work I see some strange things. Like this bird, who apparently didn't want to live anymore.

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