Beetle Rally

Last Saturday we went to House Singraven in Denekamp for a Beetle Rally. My middle brother is getting married this Friday and since he 's crazy about VW Beetles we thought this would be a nice idea for a bachelor party. A fun, but also long day that we ended together with the ladies (who where having their own scholar party with the bride to be) at a BBQ at our parents house.


Feestboek was a success!

I never thought it would be this much work to organize a party. Get some games, order foot, rent the club, laptop, projector, profile stickers, drink vouchers, decorations, balloons, prizes for the games, music, Like stickers, to much to mention. And of course, promotion for the party. And of course not everything goes as plans. I received the stickers to print the profile stickers on and bought the paper for the vouchers and the home made memory game. Turns out my printer ink was empty. I quickly ordered a new cartridge and printed and cut everything the day before.


From east to south

Early this month I received the message that my velomobile, which I've sold in July, was for sale again. Fortunately it now has a new owner. It moved from Germany to Belgium and now has Serge M. as it's new happy owner. Last Saturday the bike changed owner and this week Serge could take it for a longer ride. "A euphoric feeling", he writes.


Dutch Capitals Tour 2012

Dutch Capitals Tour 2012Thursday a week ago I headed for Zwolle after I finished working. I went there to help Paulus wit the DCT 2012 (Dutch Capitals Tour 2012). As I mentioned before I thought it would be fun to do longer rides. This non-stop 1425 kilometer ride didn't apply for now, but it gave me the opportunity to experience it up close. Help was wanted at the check point in Zwolle.


Nazca Fuego Top-Sport Edition for sale

The bike has been sold.

Are you going to sell another bike? Yes, but there is a good reason for that. The Nazca Fuego Top-Sport Edition was the first recumbent bike I bought some four years ago. With this bike I have had many adventures. We made our first 218 kilometer long monster ride, we attended the first Easter meeting and Autumn meeting, we went on a sailboat for a week, rode to Germany in two days (and back again with a total of 694 kilometers) and we did a one day tour of 314 kilometers around the IJsselmeer. Today there is just a bit more then 7.300 kilometers on the odometer. And that is not much. The last year and a half the bike stood in the shed most of the time. Only the last couple of days, since I've sold Velox Incendia, I've been riding it a bit more. It's being used for now, but still... I'm going to sell it. Don't get me wrong, it's a very nice bike, but a velomobile is just so easy and comfortable that this bike gets to little attention. And that's a pity. That's why I want to sell it so it's new owner can take it for a ride and somebody else can enjoy the pleasure of riding a recumbent.

Nazca Fuego for sale (left side)


Review Sinner velomobile hood

Two weeks ago, during Cycle Vision, I got my hands on the Sinner velomobile hood which I could try out for a week and a half (just before I sold my bike). Now I'll try to write my personal meaning about the hood. Partly about a velomobile hood in general and sometimes about the Sinner hood itself. You also have a race/tour hood from But I didn't have the chance to test that.

Sinner velomobile hood (on Velox Incendia)


Fido is gone!

Yesterday afternoon it was time, I had to say goodby to Fido (the Dutch nickname for a dog, a small fire and for my flaming velomobile called Velox Incendia). Fortunately he went to a familiar environment. The new owner (Fred de G.) lives near Nordhorn in Germany (I live in Noordhorn) and is also working in IT. Besides that our names match and we both have something 'weird' with our eye (I'm a little cross-eyed Wink). I think he'll feel right at home with his new owner.


Cycle Vision 2012 and other news

Wednesday was a long day at work because I had to take the 7 AM train towards the AMC hospital in Amsterdam. I had a 10 AM work meeting (not, not a scary disease). The work went well, but I a finally was able to go home around 4:30 PM. I arrived home just after 8 PM. A long day. And because of that I could leave a bit early last Friday. On my way to Cycle Vision in Lelystad.


Northern Roundtrip on the bike 2012

Thursday, Holy Thursday, 6:30 AM... the alarm clock sounds. Which nut case thought of this? I was planning to do the 31th Northern Roundtrip on the bike. There were four different 'flavors', 25, 50, 75 and 150 kilometer. After I fixed my bread with cheese, jam and a freshly baked egg it was time to leave. Away I go to the start at SC Loppersum, some 31 kilometers away. When I entered the terrain I saw a familiar face. It was Anton L. with his white mountainbike.


Surprising victory!

It's some one and a half week ago, but on March 18th the Head of the River Amstel was held in Amsterdam, the 80th edition. After our team (Fier) came in at the 10th place (of the 29 competing teams) last year it was time for a second try. Only thing was that I wasn't 'selected' to row. No problem, because some weeks before the race I was asked if I wanted to steer the ladies of the Pazzipanten. Of course I wanted to do that!

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