About me

WilfredWho is XL-Network?

Well, his real name is Wilfred Ketelaar and the name XL-Network has a long history. But here we go.

A long time ago (around 1995 / 2000, I don't know exactly), I came up with the nickname Big Willy (named after the album Big Willie Style by Will Smith). Willy is short for Wilfred, a name a lot of people use when the need me. Seeing that I got a lot of negative reactions to this name (like: yeah, you probably have a small...), I changed it to XL-Willy. That had the same kind of response so I stayed with just XL, short and handy.

And then came the time to register a domainname. That's when the trouble started, because you cant register xl.com or xl.net or... whatever. So I searched for an alternative and that became XL-Network. "Network" as in, connecting with people etc. So XL-Network became sort of a Big Connecting-network (or something). In the end of 2001 the name xl-network.com was registered and the imperium XL-Network was founded.

What keeps me busy?

There are a number of sports I do: rowing, recumbent biking and running (sometimes). I'm also a member of the following groups: KGR de Hunze and Theatersports Ulteam. I also do Biblestudy and I have a big tropical aquarium with 260 liters of water. Sometimes, when I'm not biking, rowing or running, I can be found geocaching. You can also call me for watching a movie or one of my favorite TV-series (like NCIS, Numb3rs etc.) Outside my hobbies I work at a company called theFactor.e in Groningen (The Netherlands). It's the oldest (and the biggest) internetcompany of the Northen Netherlands. Since December 2000 I work there as a developer at the servicedesk.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more or you feel something is missing in my lifestory, leave a message at the contactform.