Another bit of running

Als promised I went for a run last Saturday. During the Thaisner DörpsRun I could choose from 4 kilometers, 4 mile, 10 kilometers or a half marathon (21,1 km). As preparation for the 4 mile of Groningen which is being held Sunday Oktober 13th I choose the 4 mile distance. It was only a bit more, some 250 meters, but that didn't matter. I even finished in a very good time. After 38:08 minutes I crossed the finish line.


Running through the Veluwe

After weeks of training (ahum) last Saturday it was finally time. My first real running race (not counting the 4 mile of Groningen), the Veluweloop. The race consisted of 12 stages which in total covered 87 kilometers. Each runner from our team had to run one stage. The distances varied from 4.4 to 11.2 kilometers and four of the stages were woman only. I started at 12:40 PM in the fifth stage from Vredenburg (Arnhem) to Beerenberg. The second longest distance of 9.1 kilometer. Last Tuesday I practiced it by running home from work, but Saturday it was finally time... 9.1 kilometer.


Look at him go!

I promised to add some visuals of the 4 mile of Groningen. In the meanwhile the photo's which were taken half way and at the finish are available at the 4 mile website and I've 'copied' (cough) them to my site. Oh yeah... I'm the one with the black shirt, cool sunglasses and number 2123.


Faster again!

Yes... I did it again. Last year I was faster then three years ago (I didn't compete in 2009 because of a injury) and this year I improved my time by 38 seconds. I walked the 4 mile of Groningen in a time of 26:47.4 and that puts me in the top 4.39% of all runners. Pretty good. And that with only three times training. Okay... I have to admit that my basic condition with rowing and biking (ahum, 5200 kilometers in America) helped. But still, I'm proud of myself. Also I have no muscle ache or any other pains.


Training for the 4 mijl of Groningen

A bit late but still. Last week I've started training for the 4 mile of Groningen, a race which I do every year. Last year I put down a amazing time of 27:25.3, against all expectations. This year calls for a improvement. But there is a lack of training. Last weekend I started running and today was my second time. Six intervals of each two minutes running and one minute walking. It went pretty good. My condition was good enough that I could keep up. Next week I'll go out running two more times and that should be enough I think.

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