Today was typical velomobile weather. Wind and rain. This is the third time I ride this tour. In 2010 I rod a borrowed bike and last year the starting place was at my house. This year we started in Ravenswoud, a 40 kilometers ride. After a cup of tea and something to eat each of the 27 riders got in to their bikes and we headed for Marum. We were visiting Akkie and Willem for some vegetable or mustard soup. Yummie!

I would ride straight home from Marum because later tonight I have a dinner and a bowling. Georg would ride part of the trip home with me, but when I found out that my right left tire was flat I rode home alone. Doesn't matter. A nice (and short) ride which enabled me to see and talk to some old friends.

Northern Velomobile Ride 2012 - traffic jam on the cycle path

Northern Velomobile Ride 2012 - lunch break

Did you know that, if you work a bit hard, you can change a flat tire in under five minutes? That's much faster than most two wheeled bikes. This is because all the wheels on a velomobile (at least mine) have single sided mounting. You can pull the tire right of. This afternoon it took me just over six minutes, but that's because I didn't feel like rushing. And you does it look? Well, like this.

Update 01/23/2012: One of the people present there has made a movie of the start. Here you can see all velomobiles pass by.