In preparation for the big project I went to the hardware store last Wednesday evening to get some roller-blinds. My mother brought it to my attention that I should visit Praxis because they had a 25% discount on all window decorations.

At first I wanted folding blinds because they looked pretty, but the problem was that there wasn't enough of them to put on all the windows. Eventually I found a nice set of roller-blinds and I went to the check-out. I expected to get a 25% discount on all the items. But the girl behind the register told me I could only get 20% extra discount on one item (all items already had a 5% discount). Reluctantly I left the store and put everything in my car. But it didn't feel good. So I went back inside to the customer service desk and asked for a explanation. The lady behind the counter said I was right. There was an error in the flyer. I got 24 euro's back. It pays to 'be a pain in the ass'.

Last Saturday I finally found the time to put them up. The first pair of screws were very hard to put in (read: you'll end up with a wrist injury), so I decided to drill a little hole in the window frame. I borrowed a cutting mat, ruler and knife from my work to cut the blinds to size. The first time it's always a little puzzle, but eventually I was done.

The first one was up, now it's only a matter of repeat to do number two and three. So I did. You think. After drilling the holes I went to screw in the screws when all of a sudden... Plock. The screw head broke off. Okay, could happen. But so did the second screw. Where those things made out of chocolate or something? Whatever I tried, I couldn't get them out. Ah well, I'll place the mount a centimeter further away. Not a problem

In the meantime the second roller-blind was in place. The third one is next. Nothing can happen now. So I though. When drilling the second to last hole. Break. The drill broke. What the?! In stead of the 2 mm drill I took the 2,5 mm dril (also works) and the same. Break. Sigh... can I get a break (the right kind)

After a afternoon/evening of frustrations and setbacks I was done. A nicely darkened room.

Livingroom roller-blinds

Tonight I'm going to pick up the (almost) last parts parts for my big project. Just going up and down to Emmeloord (a total of 2 hours driving). Sunday in two weeks my parents are visiting and my dad is going to help me put it all in to place. It's mainly a two man job. Stay tuned.