Because the pins of the velcro strips of my foam cover came loose I decided to visit Sinner Bikes after my weekly rowing for a new pin. A 5 minute job and because of the good service it was free. I also was looking to put something between my headlight and the body of my bike. When I'm riding on uneven terrain, cobble stone roads in particular, it makes a hell of a lot of noise. So I was searching to put something in between. And there was Felix with the brilliant idea to put a piece of inner tube around the headlight. That way it's protected all around against vibrations of the body and, just as important, it can't fall out. On the picture below you can see it doesn't fit quite. The piece is about two centimeters wide and I had to fold it to fit, but I'll fix that another time. It's best to take a one centimeter piece and wrap it around the light when it's not inside the bike. That way you have more space to work with. And did it work? You bet! Suddenly it's quiet. The only thing you hear is the sound of the chain, the tires (for instance when you go over a speed bump) and the wind, which makes the most noise. This solution is here to stay!

Headlight anti-vibration device