Last Saturday was the 35th Gyas-Hunze race. A rowing race about 2.7 kilometers long though the canals of Groningen. The race was supposed to be held on February 12th and 13th, but it was moved because there was ice.

In the morning I started in heat 2 by steering the women club eight, called the Dollies. They started second in the heat so there was only a men double four in front of them. Beforehand we 'discussed' with them where we would overtake them. On the long stretch after the first bridge or later. Because the time between their start and ours was quite long the first option wasn't feasible. Fortunately the ladies were pushing with their legs like crazy and we soon caught up with them. Just before the fifth of the seven bridges (De Herebrug) we were heads-to-tail. And an the stretch to the Werkmanbridge, about 300 meters, we pushed some more and overtook them. It was really tight because our stroke almost hit the bow of the other boat with her blade. But we made it. After that it was only some 30 strokes to the finish line.

Gyas-Hunze race 2012 (Dollies, DCl8+)

In heat 4 I would steer again. This time the women double four, also the Dollies. We started second in our field, but the distance to the team before us was to great at the start that overtaking wasn't an option. We did however came really close. Always fun to see the boat in the distance come closer and closer.

Gyas-Hunze race 2012 (Dollies, D4*)

Finally we could start with our own team (Fier) in heat 6, the men club eight. This time we could start first in our field followed directly by two Gyas women club eights. The balance was good, I could push hard with my legs and so we were going pretty fast. En when we passed the finish line we immediately heard that we just didn't make it. In the morning in heat 1 there were two boats from Gyas and they were only 0.5 second apart. We were just between those to boats. The difference with the number one was only 0.4 second. Too bad.

Gyas-Hunze race 2012 (Fier, HCl8+)

The pictures you see here above were taken by Klaas van Haeringen (thanks). We also have a video, made by the coach of the Dollies (Theo Klimp), of our rowing performance. It looks pretty good. Oh, I'm sitting at position 3 (counted from the bow of the boat).

Also some GPS-data (with speed, heartrate et cetera).

There was no medal earned with my own rowing, but the ladies dit beat the other club eight boats. And as a steer I also received a nice little medal. More, I want more! Next weekend is the Heineken Roeivierkamp where we will take part of. Saturday is the 2500 meter race with a 250 meter sprint. Sunday is 5000 meters with a 500 meter sprint. The weekend after that is the Head of the River Amstel. My team will also compete, just like last year. Unfortunately I'm not in the boat. Well, not as a rower anyway. I will be steering another ladies team, The Pazzipanten.