Last September a had organized a 'small party' with the title Feestboek. The party was a great succes and one of the gifts I received was a Smartbox (Bongo-bon in Dutch). This gives you a activity of your choice. Yesterday I used this gift together with a close friend of mine to drive to Lauwersoog where we would board the ship Boschwad and first go to Engelsmanplaat to experience nature. Afterwards we would visit some seals tanning on a sandbank and continue to Schiermonnikoog where we rented a tandem bike and explored the island.

First we visited Engelsmanplaat. Together with our guide Cor de Gans we left the ship and for the last 20 meters we waded though the water until our knees to 'solid ground'. The water was quite warm. On Engelsmanplaat he showed us different things, like the sexlife of a crab (did you know the male crab has two penisses?), jellyfish are not scary at all and feel like... jelly, lugworm burry themselves in a U-shape under the sand and more of those nice things. After an hour or two of walking around we boarded the ship again and visited the seals. After that we went to the island to explore that for some three hours.

For me it was the first time on a upright tandem (I've ridden a recumbent tandem before). It went pretty well. The device cycled better with someone in the back then solo. First we went to the village to get something to eat. Then to the lighthouse, the dunes and the bunker. On the way back we had some ice cream made from the milk of the local cows and then back to the boat. A very nice day with comfortable temperatures (around 24-25 degrees Centigrade)