Als promised I went for a run last Saturday. During the Thaisner DörpsRun I could choose from 4 kilometers, 4 mile, 10 kilometers or a half marathon (21,1 km). As preparation for the 4 mile of Groningen which is being held Sunday Oktober 13th I choose the 4 mile distance. It was only a bit more, some 250 meters, but that didn't matter. I even finished in a very good time. After 38:08 minutes I crossed the finish line. And calculating back to the real 4 mile distance I was only 20 to 25 seconds slower then my fastest time in 2011. I had earned my 8th place out of the 59 runners. Here are some pictures of my right after the start and before the first corner when everything was going easy.

Thaisner Dorpsrun 2013 (photo 1)

Thaisner Dorpsrun 2013 (photo 2)

Thaisner Dorpsrun 2013 (photo 3)

Thaisner Dorpsrun 2013 (photo 4)

Thaisner Dorpsrun 2013 (photo 5)

Thaisner Dorpsrun 2013 (photo 6)

Photos: Martin de Jonge and Simon Blaauw.