This site was, since it was launched 1,5 years ago, only readable in Dutch. But with the increasing international attention I have some good news. As of today there will be a English version. Well, for the most part of it. Currently I haven't translated everything because it is a lot of work. Most of the static pages have been translated as do most of the blogposts that I write from now on. But why? Next year I am going to America to participate with the ROAM and I plan to keep my English readers up to date. So why not start now and work out all the bugs.


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pedalcarpusher (not verified)
Bravo! Thank you for the

Thank you for the translation. I will by looking forward to following the ROAM tour. I am an aspiring velomobilist in California who would like to support the ROAM movement in any way I can.
Daniel Runyan

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Dirk (not verified)
English RSS

I like your idea of an english version much.
Is it possible, that you also provide an english RSS-feed?
That would be perfect!

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Yes we can...

Hi Dirk,

There is a English RSS feed but the only problem is that my site redirects you to the Dutch version (this is something I have to fix). Anyway, if you use the URL below your all set to go.

http://feeds.xl-network.com/xl-network (Dutch RSS feed)
http://feeds.xl-network.com/xl-network/en (English RSS feed)