Since my website is also available in English there was only one problem with the RSS feeds. I use FeedBurner and my website automatically sends the local feeds to the FeedBurner page so I get pretty statistics et cetera. They only problem was that both the Dutch and the English feed were redirected to the Dutch FeedBurner page. Now I changed that so you, our English reader, has a workable English RSS feed. In other words: I fixed it...

So what is RSS and why should I use it, you might think. In short it comes down to this. You use a RSS program (for instance your browser, a dedicated program or (my favorite) Google Reader) you are always up-to-date on new posts on your favorite websites. The program gathers the new posts though the RSS feed and put's them in a overview. There you can browse all the new posts (even categorized) and read the news in one place. That way you don't have to visit each and every website to see if there's something new to read, everything is gathered for you. So, how do I get the RSS feed? Simple, you click on the RSS icon (the orange icon in the side-column) of this site or your browser has a RSS feed button. Copy the URL in your RSS program and wait until there are new posts.