Yesterday Ocho had another flat tire. I'm getting a bit fed up with it lately. Fortunately the cause was quickly identified. The side wall of the outer tire, a Schwalbe Durano, was damaged.

Schwalbe Durano - damaged sidewall

Last week on Monday I had a close encounter with a curb edge. I suspected that the outer tire might have been damaged then. That's what's probably caused the puncture in the inner tire. Yesterday's puncture almost looked the same and was almost in the same spot. That can't be a coincidence. Because I couldn't fix the problem, a hole in the sidewall of the outer tire, right away I exchanged the outer tire for my Durano folding tire. Because the old tire is otherwise okay (it has only done about 2000 kilometers) I'm reluctant to throw it away. That's why I taped in three pieces of duct tape. This makes it impossible for the inner tire to get thought the outer tire. The two inner tires which had the puncture showed signs that they were 'pushed' outwards through the hole because of the high pressure. Tomorrow night I will replace the outer tire with original one. I'm curious to see if it works.

Schwalbe Durano - 'fixed' sidewall


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David Hembrow (not verified)

I've often used boots in tyres, but it's a temporary solution. For a permanent fix I'd suggest Schwalbe Marathons. Tough, reasonably inexpensive, puncture resistant, but not slow.

The 40-406 size are what I have on the front of my Mango now.

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Warekiwi (not verified)
Durano sidewalls and the Quest

I ride a Quest XS (Carbon version) and have had numerous Durano sidewall failures-- in fact so many that I'm giving up using these tyres other than in Summer conditions. I'm currently awaiting delivery of a pair of heavy Marathon Plus for the front-- getting punctures every ride has spoiled the experience a bit!
One thing worth checking though which we discovered on my QXS was that at full steering lock the Carbon Fibre shell was the first point of contact with the sidewall! We filed and polished this edge back a little so that now the more substantial tread area contacts first!

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I'll check it out where the tire hits the side of the body. It could be that during my close encounter with the curb edge the wheel 'smashed' into the body and caused the damage. Thanks for the tip.