Yesterday evening we had a course at our rowingclub to become a referee. You will help the race run smoothly. Someone takes care that all the boats are aligned at the start, another starts the clock, someone else takes care of any obstacles and bridges to see if everything is safe and by the rules and another is at the finish. A lot of responibilities. That's why we have a course, with in two weeks a exam.

After a succesful night I went home through lots of snow with Ocho, my velomobile. Boy o boy, it's pretty tough cycling over a snow covered sidewalk. I'd better get out and walk a bit towards the corner of the street. Once back in my bike I realize after 15 meters that I have a flat right tire. Earlier that night I took the corner to sharp when trying to get up on the curb and that wheel hit it pretty hard. The rowingclub is about 100 meters away and the snow on the sidewalk made me not notice it. Until I wanted to get home.

Snakebike puncture (2013-01-21)

I put the bike on it's side in the snow close to a lamppost and started replacing the inner tube. The cold mad the outer tire very stiff and the fact that the feeling in my fingers got less and less also didn't help. But after some 20 minutes the job was done. In the meanwhile a car driver stopped to ask if I needed any help and a passer-by was also pretty interested, but more in my bike then trying to help me out. After I inflated the tire half way (I just couldn't get any more air in) I went home at the speed of a snail. Normally it takes me about 30 to 35 minutes, but this time it took me more than one hour.

On my way home I also encountered a guy with (I believe) his little brother. When I passed him he said: "This isn't responsible. That is dangerous". I think he was talking about the fact that he had parked his scooter in the middle of the road or something, because I honestly don't know what kind of danger I pose. As for responsible, of that I am sure. I'm not driving a dangerous car and I'm taking the efficient and safe bike. The most pretty thing I've seen during the ride home was the fine snow that was gushing in clouds across the cycle path. It almost seemed like the cycle path was on fire in the middle of the cold winter night.