After my cold adventure of last Monday I didn't want to get frozen fingers again. That's why I had a brilliant idea. I was planning to make the bike a bit more winter resistant by mounting the Schwalbe Marathon Winter rear tire again. It has thick nobs and spikes which keep you from getting stuck on slippery surfaces, like snow and ice. I also removed a lot of snow from the wheel arches and pressurized all the tires. And to keep my fingers warm during the maintenance (I don't have a garage so I have to all the work outside in the cold) I brought a bottle with warm water (see the picture below). Whenever my fingers started to get cold I would grab the bottle and warm them up. Works fine, but at a certain point the bottle cooled down a bit so it took longer to warm my fingers. But it worked. Also with the big rear tire. Boy o boy, what a pain in the ass to mount that thing. But it's done. Tomorrow I'll enjoy a nice ride over the well swept cycle paths. Only on the non-though roads there is some snow left. I can't wait!

Winter preparation 2013 - mounting the Schwalbe Marathon Winter

Winter preparation 2013 - snow filled wheel arches