Last year I first sat/lay down on a Ice-Bat. And it was good fun! Then it had a big propellor on the back to push yourself forward. The current version has a rear wheel with a Marathon Winter tire with spikes. This makes you go faster because of the direct grip. This time we went for a nice little round on the Zuidlaardermeer. First a hour of cycling with Ocho to the starting location and then in the cold with the Ice-Bat. I forgot to bring my gloves (you don't need them in a velomobile), but I could borrow David and Steve their pair. Do you want to try a Ice-Bat? Sign up and come to Groningen, Assen or Heerenveen. Below you can see to movies and the track from my first ride. The first movie is my own and the second is David Hembrow his.

Source: David Hembrow