You've heard of them. URL shorteners like bit.ly, tinyurl.com, goo.gl and so on. Starting last night there is a new one with the appropriate name: xln.me. This stands for 'XL-Network me', or 'make me XL-Network'. This service isn't publicly availably because I use it for my own sites. If you read my blog posts using Twitter or Facebook you will now see the links like http://xln.me/[code].


Review Sinner velomobile hood

Two weeks ago, during Cycle Vision, I got my hands on the Sinner velomobile hood which I could try out for a week and a half (just before I sold my bike). Now I'll try to write my personal meaning about the hood. Partly about a velomobile hood in general and sometimes about the Sinner hood itself. You also have a race/tour hood from velomobielonderdelen.nl. But I didn't have the chance to test that.

Sinner velomobile hood (on Velox Incendia)


Fido is gone!

Yesterday afternoon it was time, I had to say goodby to Fido (the Dutch nickname for a dog, a small fire and for my flaming velomobile called Velox Incendia). Fortunately he went to a familiar environment. The new owner (Fred de G.) lives near Nordhorn in Germany (I live in Noordhorn) and is also working in IT. Besides that our names match and we both have something 'weird' with our eye (I'm a little cross-eyed Wink). I think he'll feel right at home with his new owner.


Operation successful

I picked up my bike again yesterday after it went in for surgery last Wednesday. Unfortunately it cost around three hours to resolve the problem. The left rear LED light was defect and there was a break in the wire in front which caused both lights shine very dim. The indicator buzzer was attached a bit better and the original bike computer was put back in place. Why? Well, because I ordered a new bike and I put the old one up for sale.



Since my website has a .nl-domain and I'm only showing English content on my website my Dutch visitors often read the English version of a blogpost. That isn't such a problem, but often they respond using Dutch, which is a problem for English reading visitors. If you click the button 'Nederlands' in the right navigation you get the same page, but then via xl-network.nl and in Dutch. Handy to know right?


The operating table

As I mentioned in my blogpost about Cycle Vision my left indicator didn't function properly. The one in front lighted up very faintly and the one in the back didn't do a thing. That's why I made an appointment with Felix, the electronics guy from Sinner Bikes. I took a couple of hour off from work and around 3 PM I entered the workshop. We placed the bike on it's side on 'the operating table' and we started to track down the problem.


Rowing 18 km for one beer

Like every Tuesday night we went rowing in the 8+. The water was as smooth as a mirror and there was no wind at all. Perfect rowing weather!



Because I was wondering last Friday who my visitors are I want to write about more subjects, other then recumbent bikes. I realize that it takes more time, but that's why I try to keep it brief and short. That will be more interesting for those who read it. And if you want to know more, there is always the possibility to leave a comment. Okay, back to the subject at hand: Haywire.


Who are my visitors?

Because I'm always curious about who my visitors are I keep statistics about certain things with Google Analytics. Here you can see how many visitors come by every hour/day/week/month, where they come from, which pages are popular and more.


Cycle Vision 2012 and other news

Wednesday was a long day at work because I had to take the 7 AM train towards the AMC hospital in Amsterdam. I had a 10 AM work meeting (not, not a scary disease). The work went well, but I a finally was able to go home around 4:30 PM. I arrived home just after 8 PM. A long day. And because of that I could leave a bit early last Friday. On my way to Cycle Vision in Lelystad.

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