Guess what...

Some half year ago Fietsje (a small bike company) celebrated their two year existence in the A-kerk (A-church) in Groningen. I knew there were images of that event, but now I've actualy seen them. And guess what... I'm in it!


Companyweekend Ermerstrand

Just like last your I went to The Lake Cabin near Erm for the weekend to spend some time with my colleagues. Of course I took my velomobile for a ride that way, it's only about 67 kilometers. The speed was quite good (average of 29.8 km/h) so after 2 hours and 20 minutes I arrived at the known location. Quickly secured the bike, took a shower and waited for the BBQ to start. And what better way to kill some time to take some nice pictures.


First ROAM meeting

A busy weekend was waiting for me. Saturday-morning started at the rowingclub, after that cycling home (where I took a shower) and taking the car to Bennekom (about 200 kilometers south). The first ROAM (Roll Over America) meeting was held there and was attended by almost all Dutch participants. First there was a cycle-trip of about 150 kilometers to work up the appetite for the dinner later that evening and a good conversation about the trip to America next year. Like I said before, I had a busy weekend so I took the car instead of the bike.


Stay even more up-to-date?

Yesterday I posted that the English RSS feed is now working properly. Today I improved the 'stay up-to-date' part of this website. In the side-column there is now a possibility to enter your email address and be informed of new posts. This way you don't have to get all complicated using RSS programs. You simply get the latest messages in you email (with a maximum of one mail per day). So, what are you waiting for...


English RSS feed

Since my website is also available in English there was only one problem with the RSS feeds. I use FeedBurner and my website automatically sends the local feeds to the FeedBurner page so I get pretty statistics et cetera. They only problem was that both the Dutch and the English feed were redirected to the Dutch FeedBurner page. Now I changed that so you, our English reader, has a workable English RSS feed.


Sunny ride

It's been a while since I rode with the Huneliggers, but last night the message "Are we going to ride tomorrow?" was posted on the forum, so I thought... yeah, it's about time. The alarm clock sounded at 7:45 and after making lunch I left riding into the morning sun. There was no wind at all and riding along the Van Starkenborgkanaal the water was as smooth as a mirror. The sun was low and it produced some very nice pictures. Seeing I was running a bit late (as usual) I realy had to put 'the pedal to the metal'.


It wasn't me...

I left home early because I had to be at the rowingclub at 9:45 to give skiff-1 instruction to my students. And because I was running a bit late I took the shortest and fastest route. When I came closer to Hoogkerk I saw a big cloud of fog in the air. But when I came closer it turned out not to be fog but smoke. And when I came really close I could see that some roads were closed and in the distance I could see that it was a very big fire.


Can you hear me now?

This site was, since it was launched 1,5 years ago, only readable in Dutch. But with the increasing international attention I have some good news. As of today there will be a English version. Well, for the most part of it. Currently I haven't translated everything because it is a lot of work. Most of the static pages have been translated as do most of the blogposts that I write from now on. But why? Next year I am going to America to participate with the ROAM and I plan to keep my English readers up to date. So why not start now and work out all the bugs.


Velomobilemeeting Giessen 2010 (video)

It's been two weeks since I came back from my trip to Giessen, but now it's ready... the clips I've made from the climbing, descent et cetera. Climbing was about 7-8 km/h, but the descent was more like 70-80 km/h (topspeed 84 km/h). Furthermore you'll see images of the castle we were sleeping in and a situation where two drivers were not thinking very well when overtaking us.

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